PUBG Mobile India WhatsApp Group Links (Free Update)

PUBG WhatsApp Group Links

Hello Guys. This Post Especially for PUBG Lover. PUBG: Player Unknown Battle Ground. We Have Collected 2000+ PUBG WhatsApp Group Links for You. If you want to play PUBG with your Friends & Know and Share some Tips and Tricks about PUBG Game then this posts helpful for you.


Let’s now move along and take a look at all the WhatsApp groups that you can easily join for PUBG. Unaware of what PUBG stands for? We’ll help you out.

PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is an online mobile game that has become very popular with teenagers and even adults around the world. It has quickly become one of the top games to download from the play store, and has already been downloaded by hundreds of millions of people.

For those who do not know, PUBG is a multiplayer battle game in which players are dropped onto an island, which consists of any of the three maps: Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, and the player has to attempt to be the last survivor on that island. PUBG allows solo, duo as well as multiplayer gaming wherein a team of up to four players are allowed. Each game has a total of 100 players and takes no longer than 30 minutes on average. There are a number of events/rules which keep occurring during the course of the game to make it interesting. These include things such as the following:

  • dynamic allocation of maps,
  • shrinkage of playable area every few minutes towards a random location, in turn increasing the chance of encounters,
  • need for players to search buildings and other sites to find weapons, vehicles, armor etc.
  • need for combat and situational awareness for quick adaptation to the present state of the game.

The above-mentioned and many more such events make PUBG a highly engaging game. At the same time, PUBG has created an enormous community of players. This is why so many WhatsApp groups created for PUBG lovers and fans. Once you are a part of these whatsapp groups, you can share your own tips & tricks to help others play PUBG perfectly. At the same time, you can also become a pro player by using tricks provided by others in the group.

We wanted to help each one of you find PUBG WhatsApp groups easily so that your network can grow regardless of the level at which you currently play. Even if you are a PUBG beginner, the groups provide you a chance to ask queries regarding the game once you get started and the PUBG pros can help by responding to you quickly.

Now that we have a clear understanding regarding the ease of joining WhatsApp groups by merely clicking on links, as well as that of PUBG and what it entails, we shall finally move on to the list you have all been waiting to browse. Remember, all you need to do is click on the link and join it. As soon as you do so, you will immediately begin to enjoy the contents of the group amongst a community of people who share your interests.

Note: Once you get better, you can find PUBG tournament groups on the list and can earn money by participating in the tournaments listed on the group. We have also provided a separate list of groups for PUBG tournaments.

So let’s get started.

PUBG WhatsApp Group Rules:

  • Respect All Group Members
  • PUBG Lovers People are Allowed
  • Adults, Illegal & Religion Posts are not Allowed
  • Don’t Change Group Name, Icon & Description
  • Try To Share PUBG Related Posts Like Tips & Tricks, News, Pictures & Videos
  • Don’t Share Any Kind Of Personal Photos & Videos
  • No Promotion or Adverting in these Groups
  • Abusing & Fighting not Allowed
  • If You Have Any Problem With the Group Members Then Contact the Group Admin

PUBG WhatsApp Group Links

Group NameJoin Link
PUBG Free Custom RoomsClick Here
DesiAdda ESportsClick Here
Pubg Mobile LoversClick Here
Fire GamerClick Here
PUBG YT ClubClick Here
Pubg LoversClick Here
Jangal WarriorsClick Here
PUBG TournamentsClick Here
PUBG LITE CreationClick Here
Pubg MemesClick Here
Send PUBG PopularityClick Here
Pubg Tournament GamingClick Here
PUBG TournamentClick Here
PUBG ExpertClick Here
Series PUBG PlayerClick Here
UC Seller PUBGClick Here
PUBG Tournament DailyClick Here
PUBG A.c. Buy & SellClick Here
Indian PUBGiansClick Here
PUBG The KillerClick Here
PUBG ArenaClick Here
PUBG ProClick Here
Beast PUBGClick Here
PUBG BoysClick Here
PUBG TournamentorClick Here
PUBG WorldClick Here
PUBG UCClick Here
Good Game TournesClick Here
PUBG WinnerClick Here
PUBG PCClick Here
PUBG IndiaClick Here
Play PUBG ClubClick Here
PUBG KingClick Here
PUBGClick Here
Custom Match PUBGClick Here
PUBG Tournament TamilClick Here
City Defender TournamentClick Here
PUBG WarriorsClick Here
PUBG UC GiveawayClick Here
PUBG ParadiseClick Here
PUBG Daily CashClick Here
PUBG UC SellClick Here
PUBG GamerClick Here
PUBG ProsClick Here
PUBG & FreeFireClick Here
PUBG HuntersClick Here
PUBG LoversClick Here
PUBG MobileClick Here
Death SquadClick Here
GameZone PUBGClick Here
PUBG MacciClick Here
Nexus PUBG TournamentClick Here

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PUBG WhatsApp Group Name & Links

If Group are Full, then Try To Join Another Day Or Join Another Group from our PUBG Whatsapp Group

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why should you join pubg whatsapp groups?

If you regularly play pubg, then you can surely benefit by joining a community of pubg players on whatsapp. You will get a chance to not only make new friends who share similar interests, but you can also get tips on how to improve your game, and begin competing in tournaments. These reasons have made pubg whatsapp groups very popular

Q. What are pubg tournament whatsapp groups?

For pubg players who want to compete, there are many tournaments where players can participate and win exciting prizes. Pubg tournament WhatsApp groups helps players stay updated on the latest tournament dates and other details so that players can register on time and play to win.
We hope that you liked and found the desired WhatsApp group links posted in the list above. If you found this post helpful, then share this post with your friends, family to help them find groups of their interest.

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