How To Improve Your SEO With Unique Articles And Backlinks

SEO Article Writing Guidelines

The reason article writing is effective for boosting SEO results is that you can use numerous keywords that target your niche. Once you know all the keywords, it is a simple task to get them into unique articles again and again. When the unique articles you’ve distributed are picked up by search engines, it will move you higher in the search results when people use your keywords. A good article marketing campaign can easily springboard your website to the top of any web search.

Unique articles work so well for two reasons. The first is backlinks. By including a link to your website in every article you post, you create another web-page that search engines index that now refers to your website. The more places you find to publish your unique articles, be it forums, e-zines, or directories, the better. Each and every backlink to your site from one of these sources will further boost your ranking in search engines.

The second is the proliferation of keywords. Not only do your unique articles contain them, but so do those of other people publishing to that site in your niche. With your included link in every publication, you’re just further associating your website with those keywords. This not only helps you with the SEO on your own website, but allows you to direct traffic to your website by piggy backing on the SEO rankings of the sites you submit to.

One of the best thing about unique articles as an SEO tool is the cost. It is dirt cheap. They cost as much effort as you’re willing to spend writing them. If you’re too lazy, or handling too much volume to do it all yourself, you can commission unique articles from writers (ghostwriters). Then you just submit your articles to as many publication outfits as you possibly can. There is no shortage of places that accept free unique articles. Anyone can do this, and the only real investment required is time.



Here are some suggestions on ways to really make backlinks work for you:


1. Create Press Releases

The advantage of using press release sites is that they distribute the release to all the major search engines for you. What’s more, if you’re lucky, your unique article might be picked up and published on other blogs, websites, or even the media. All of this is good for your SEO. Just remember, you have to put your URL in your press releases.

2. Get To Know The People

Regardless of the niche you’re targeting, there’s forums, chat rooms and websites that will be dedicated to it. Find it, be a participant. Write unique articles, make comments, submit unique content, and always include a link to your website.

3. Review Review Review

There’s a place to review anything and everything, and multiple places to review most things. If you’re putting your URL on your unique articles, and then submitting to multiple outlets, it is easy to see how your results can snowball.

4. Target Bigger Websites

Let’s be honest, some e-zines, forums, and websites are getting more traffic already. I know I mentioned this one before, but it’s a huge help. If the backlinks you’re creating with your unique content are on websites that already have high search engine rankings, it will further boost your own.


These tips will give a real shot in the arm to the SEO of your website, boosting your search engine rankings faster than you might think. But, they all need one thing; unique content.

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