How to Benefit from 10KHITS and Any Other Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange

How to Benefit from 10KHITS and Any Other Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange

10Khits Autosurf

Today I am going to explain a full-proof method of how you can benefit from 10KHits Traffic Exchange in 2019 and beyond.

There have been countless blogs and Youtube videos dedicated to this topic, claiming different methods of making money from 10KHits and other Traffic Exchanges that supply an ‘auto-surfing app’. Most of these methods were based around using CPV (cost-per-view) type links in these traffic exchanges, with the intent to make money every time that link is viewed in the auto-surfer.
This method, no-matter how you attempt it, quite simply does not work. And to be fair to advertisers; it wouldn’t be a fair system if it did work.

Ok, so now that we have gotten past the depressing side of this article, it’s time for the good stuff..

I’ll keep this short and sweet; this is all about using 10KHits to automatically build advertising credits on certain sites with a guaranteed attentive audience to your Ad.

* So, to begin with, you’ll need to join up with (if you join through this link you’ll recieve 100,000 free advertising credits as soon as you join).

* Once you have joined and verified your email etc., look for the button ‘Websites’ on the left side of the main screen. A pull-down menu will appear. Now select ‘Your Websites’.

* Simply follow the prompts now; enter your website/url/affiliate-link and click on ‘Add Website’.

* Now just follow the instructions on how to set-up your Ad.

* Once you have saved your Ad, you should see it appear in a box with the ‘Title’ and ‘Website’ showing. Click on the box.
You will see a big red link that looks like this:

* You will be earning credits on this site everytime that link gets viewed (including 10KHits auto-surfer app) 🙂 .. but there is a little trick to it.. if you simply copy and past the link (as it is on your Ad) then 10KHits WON’T accept it because it’s a banned domain.
BUT this is how you get around that: Copy the link from the address bar (after opening it in a new tab) which should look like this:
Then paste that into 10KHits and bingo!.. they will accept it and you will earn credits on ‘Traffic Ad Bar’ everytime it appears on the auto-surfer!

Well, that’s all for this article. Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped you out.
If you want to know some other methods I use 10KHits for, please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

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