Domain Name Extensions Explained – And Which One Is Best For You

Domain Name Extensions Explained – And Which One Is Best For You

Domain Name Extensions Meanings

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a text/numerical name that matches the computer’s numeric IP address on the Web. Internet users access your website using your unique domain name. You can register Domains through a number of registrars under various extensions such as .com, .org, and .net. It is best to check various registrars, because they all offer different types of packages, prices and deals.

Often, there are scammers and fraud in domain registration, so you must be very careful. You should try to find a legitimate registrar. Legitimate domain-providers will charge a small additional fee to cover the workforce so that the domain is registered and regulated on their server.

5 of The Most-Used Domain Extensions and What They Mean

.Com” is basically short for ‘Commercial‘. ‘.Com’ is definitely the most popular of all extensions, and is an unlimited global domain name. Most businesses prefer ‘.com’ especially because this is a globally well-recognized domain-extension on the Web. The availability of the ‘.com’ name has been reduced over the years for many popular keywords and business names etc., so you can also consider other extensions.

.Net” is the abbreviation for ‘Network‘. This is an unlimited global domain name as well, and is usually used by internet service providers and businesses which are directly involved in the internet infrastructure. However, restrictions were never applied and the domain extension is now a general-purpose namespace. It is still very popular within the advertising industry and network operators in general.

.Org” is another global-winner domain name extension that is mostly used by non-commercial websites or non-profit organizations. Statistics show that this extension has a very-high use by business-related websites. This domain extension originates from the word ‘Organization‘.

.Biz” offers a good opportunity for businesses that do not want to compromise their URL, when the extension ‘.com’ has been taken.

.Info” is a short version of the word “Information“. ‘.Info’ can be used for resource-based websites and brochure sites designed to reach the customer base with information about a particular business. There are other extensions like .us, .uk, .in, .aus, etc. This type of extension is limited to using country codes by individuals or organizations in certain countries.

Domain name registration is an important, easy, and strategically significant first step in building an online presence, whether for business or otherwise. A well-chosen domain name can make you successful in many ways, and can increase search engine traffic immensely!

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